Leighton Township is a semi-rural community located in the northeast corner of Allegan

County, bordering Kent County to the north and Barry County to the east.  Recent completion of M-6 makes Leighton a desirable place to live, giving ready access to various outlying communities.

The Township is governed by a five member Board.  We have 3 part-time employees.

The 2010 census places the Township’s population at 4,934 but we anticipate the 2020 census to show an another increase.  Several areas continue to show residential growth and we also have several commercial developments.

The Township shares 2 contract deputies with Dorr Township and we operate a fire department with 25-30 paid on-call firefighters.

Our Green Lake community is a unique combination of summer residences and permanent homes.

Two separate areas of the township are served by public sewer.  The Green Lake Sewer services areas around Green Lake. The Dorr/Leighton Sewer, operated jointly with Dorr Township, services the Moline area and extends into Dorr Township.

In summary, Leighton Township is a growing community facing diverse challenges.  We are committed to preserving the rural character and delicate natural resources that make the Township a unique and desirable home, while managing growth through the use of our Zoning Ordinance and Master Plan. 


Upcoming Public E-Waste Recycling

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