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Laura Stob, Assessor 616-891-8238  Office Hours are Tuesday 10-3 PM



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Treasurer: Jacquelynn Bultsma 616-891-8238

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Tax Bill:  Summer taxes are to be mailed July 1st, and are payable thru September 14th without interest. Ach Withdrawl for Summer Taxes will be September 12th.  Winter taxes are to be mailed out December 1st and are payable thru February 14th without interest.  Ach Withdrawl is Dec 11 and Feb 11.

We can NOT accept postmarks, all payments must be received BY the due date.
Treasurer's Satutory office hours are December 28 9am till 5pm & February 28 from 9am-5pm.  At 5pm on February 28 all tax collection for Summer or Winter 2022 will be done by Allegan County.  Please call them at 1-269-673-0260. 
You can get a copy of your past tax bill by CLICKING here.

For drain payoff amounts please call the Allegan County Drain Commissioner at 269-673-0440

Property Assessing Reform Documents 2022

The State Tax Commission is requiring as part of the Property Assessing Reform bill, that all units publish our land value studies and documentation, and economic condition factors. 

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