Green Lake Sewer Authority  
4451 12th Street Suite A  
Wayland MI 49348  
Phone: (616) 891-8238 ext 113  
Fax:      (616) 891-2143  
Green Lake Sewer Map: Sewer Map  


Buying or Selling Your Home which runs off the Green Lake Sewer Line: Please email the  or call 891-8238 ext 113 to notify the Green lake sewer authority that you are moving or buying a home.  We will need your First & Last Name along with the address of the home.


************Paying your Green Lake Sewer bills online - click here ********  Directions below

Then type in your address hit enter:double click your address hit enter: click on Utility Billing tab - right side of screen in pink says Amount due.



Billing Options  
1. Quarterly Postcard sent out Janaury, April, July, & October  
2. Email Billing click here and provide the email address you use.  


Payment Options for Green Lake Sewer  
1. Mail in a check to the Leighton Township Office  
2. Drop a cash/check off in one of the two drop boxes located at Leighton Township  
3. Set up a ACH withdrawl Green Lake Sewer Direct Withdrawal (pulled on the 8th of the month due)  
4. Pay online with a Debit or Credit card payment online (3% billing fee added)  
5. Set up a payment with your own bill pay at your bank.  You can set it up as a quarterly/ monthly payment.  
**Cancel a ACH payment**   Green Lake Sewer Direct Withdrawal Removal Form
Bills are due on the following dates: February 10, May 10, August 10, & November 10



Annual Green Lake Sewer Meetings happen in March.  Special Meetings may be noticed 24 hours in advance.

 Meeting March 16, 2021 & Budget 2021-22



Title Name Phone # Email Address
Chairman Steve Wolbrink (616) 891-8238 ext 110 Steve's email
Treasurer Jacqielynn Bultsma (616) 891-8238 ext 113 Jaci's email
Secretary Rachel Fennema (616) 891-8238 ext 112 Rachel's email 
Trustee Brian Bonnema (616) 293-2106 Brian's email
Trustee John Hooker (269) 792-2525 John's email
At Large Member Richard Post   Richard's email
At Large Member Tom Roels   Tom's email


Green Lake Sewer Board Meeting Minutes

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