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We can NOT accept postmarks, all payments must be received BY the due date.


Tax Information: 

Treasurer: Jacquelynn Bultsma 616-891-8238

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This page contains information on the Summer and Winter property taxes, due dates, and answers to common tax questions.  

Tax Bill:

Summer taxes are to be mailed July 1st, and are payable thru September 14th without interest.  Ach Withdrawl for Summer Taxes will be September 8th.

Winter taxes are payable thru February 16th without interest.

You can pay in person at the Leighton Township office, place it in the USPS, or put it in the mail slot located by the office door of the Leighton Township Hall.  You can also pay online or with ACH withdraw if set up 35 days before due date.  

Frequently Asked Tax Questions: 
When Are The Tax Bills Sent Out to Homeowners?
Summer taxes are sent out around July 1st. Winter taxes are sent out around December 1st. Winter Tax Bill 2020 are ready for viewing online.

Where & When Can I Pay My Taxes?
In addition to paying in person at the Township Hall, you can use the mail slot at the Township Hall or send by mail to:

Leighton Township Treasurer 
Jacquelynn Bultsma
4451 12 Street, Suite A
Wayland, MI 49348
Treasurer's extra office hours will be available on December 30 9am-5pm & March 1 from 9:00-4PM.* Please note the office is closed on Mondays and Fridays*

When Are Taxes Due By?
1.Taxes are due on receipt of the bill. To avoid all penalties, summer taxes must be paid by SEPTEMBER 16TH, and winter taxes must be paid by FEBRUARY 16TH. 
2.Beginning the next business day, September 16th, add 1% interest to the unpaid balance of your summer tax bill.  An additional 1% per month will  be added on the first of each month thereafter.  FAILURE TO RECEIVE THE TAX BILL DOES NOT WAIVE INTEREST.

You can get a copy of your past tax bill by CLICKING THIS.