Green Lake Sewer Authority

Green Lake Sewer bills are sent out on postcards quarterly.  Due on February 10, May 10, August 10, and November 10.

If you have questions or need to transfer your services please email  or call 891-8238 and ask for Jacquelynn.

If you would like your bill sent as a email click here and provide the email address that you would like the bill mailed to.

Payments can be made during normal business hours 9-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, or you may place it in one of the many drop boxes we have on site at the Township Building.  Payment can be made with credit card in the office or online but please note there will be a 3% convience fee added. 

Sewer Map

Green Lake Sewer Direct Withdrawal 

Green Lake Sewer Direct Withdrawal Removal Form


Board members and contact info are:
Steve Wolbrink   616-891-8238
Rachel Fennema
Jacquelynn Bultsma
Brian Bonnema
John Hooker
Dick Post
Tom Roels